vSAN Configuration Maximums

VMware vSAN



Virtual SAN ESXi host

Virtual SAN disk groups per host55
Magnetic disks per disk group77
SSD disks per disk group11
Spinning disks in all diskgroups per host3535
Components per Virtual SAN host90009000
Cache tier maximum devices per host55
Capacity tier maximum devices per diskgroup77
Capacity tier maximum devices3535

Virtual SAN Cluster

Number of Virtual SAN hosts in a cluster64 (Hybrid) 64 (All-Flash)64
Number of datastores per cluster11

Virtual SAN virtual machines

Virtual machines per host200200
Virtual machines per cluster60006400
Virtual machine virtual disk size62 TB62 TB
Disk stripes per object1212
Percentage of flash read cache reservation100100
Failure to tolerate3 for VM virtual disk size <= 16 TB3 for VM virtual disk size<= 16 TB
1 for VM virtual disk size> 16 TB
Percentage of object space reservation100100
Virtual SAN networks/physical network fabrics22

Virtual SAN iSCSI Target

Number of iSCSI LUNs per Cluster1024
Number of iSCSI Targets per Cluster128
Number of iSCSI LUNs per Target256
Max iSCSI LUN size62 TB
Number of iSCSI sessions per Node1024
iSCSI IO queue depth per Node4096
Number of outstanding writes per iSCSI LUN128
Number of outstanding IOs per iSCSI LUN256
Number of initiators who register PR key for a iSCSI LUN64