vRealize Operations Manager Configuration Maximums

vRealize Operations Manager

6.4 & 6.2

Node Size

Standard Size Remote Collectors

Large Size Remote Collectors
Memory (GB)8163248416
Datastore latencyConsistently lower than 10 ms with possible occasional peaks up to 15 ms
Network latency for data nodes< 5 ms
Network latency for remote collectors< 200 ms
Network latency between agents and vRealize
Operations Manager nodes
and remote collectors.
< 20 ms
vCPU: Physical core ratio for data nodes (*)1 vCPU to 1 physical core at scale maximums
IOPSSee the attached Sizing Guidelines worksheet for details.
Disk Space
Single-Node Maximum Objects2502,4007,00012,0001,500 (****)12,000 (****)
Single-Node Maximum Collected Metrics (**)70,000800,0002,000,0003,500,000600,0003,500,000
Multi-Node Maximum Objects Per Node (***)NA2,0005,00010,000NANA
Multi-Node Maximum Collected Metrics Per Node (***)NA700,0001,500,0002,500,000NANA
Maximum number of End Point Operations Management agents per node100300120025002502,000
Maximum Objects for 16-Node Maximum (***)NANA60,000120,000NANA
Maximum Metrics for 16-Node Configuration (***)NANA15,000,00030,000,000NANA

vRealize Operations Manager Configuration Maximums
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